Mark Woodward (owner/director)


Mark began his career in plumbing in 1997 as an apprentice with the government organisation Total Care. He concluded his apprenticeship and studied for his plumbing license whilst working for the Plumbing Doctor in 2001. From 2001 until 2005 Mark continued to work for the Plumbing Doctor where his mentored and trained a number of apprentices and as a senior member of the team he was a leading hand.


In May 2005 Mark left the Plumbing Doctor and started his own business, Mark Woodward Plumbing (MW Plumbing), with his wife Jenny.  Mark started with a few clients and 1 builder, a home office and his 1 tonne ute.

Now (many years later) Mark runs a small successful plumbing business with his wife and 4 employees.  He has built the business maintaining exceptional working relationships with multiple builders, clients, contractors and other small businesses.


One of Mark’s main goals with his career was to educate and train good plumbers to provide outstanding workmanship with exceptional customer service.  He knew that he would commit to the industry by employing apprentices and will continue by looking to employ apprentices in the future.


He has built a business he is proud to own.


Andrew White (Licenced Plumber)


Andrew (Andy) began his career in plumbing in 2008 by using his initiative whilst working at REECE (a plumbing supply company) and asked Mark if he was looking for an apprentice.  After he completed his apprenticeship Andy has continued to work for MW Plumbing as a journeyman and has mentored and trained Josh and is the senior member of the team as the leading hand.


Andy is a polite, well mannered and mature man.  His ability to learn and apply himself quickly earned the respect of Mark.  He has become an outstanding plumber who confidently completes all work to the highest of standards. He takes pride in all that he does and has become an integral part of the MW Plumbing family.




Daniel Martiniello (Licenced Plumber)


Daniel (Dan) began his career in plumbing in 2007 through an apprenticeship with 1800 TAP FIX, he completed his apprenticeship in 2010 with PFM Plumbing and continued to work for them as a journeyman.  Whilst studying for his trade certificate to be a journeyman he had heard about us from Andy as they were in the same tech class.  Andy knew Mark was looking for another journeyman and that Dan was looking for a change so he put forward the idea to them both.

Dan joined the team at MW Plumbing in 2012 and his fun loving attitude and love of life made him prefect in the dynamitic team.  Dan is an exceptional plumber who is dedicated, highly skillful and knowledgeable across all plumbing facets insuring all work completed is done perfectly.  He has become a vital member of the MW Plumbing family.


Josh Monck (Journeyman Plumber)


Josh began his career in plumbing in 2010 when he applied for an apprenticeship with MW Plumbing.

Under the guidance of Mark and with the help of Andy and Dan, Josh has become a skillful, confident and reliable plumber.  His quite nature has allowed him to observed good practice and skills from his mentors and he applies it to all work he completes.  He is well manner and polite young man and is respected by his colleagues.  He is an essential member of the MW Plumbing family.


Josh Smith (2015 – 1st Year Apprentice)


Josh started with us at the end of 2014.  He is currently learning the industry and trade through the guidance of all 4 of us.  He is currently completing his 1st year at CIT.